Should I Cancel My Wedding Because of Covid-19? The Photographer's Perspective

We could have never imagined this coronavirus pandemic. Totally unplanned, totally unpredictable, nothing like the weddings we have all been planning for months to a year (or more!) When life hits like this we are all effected. Remember how at the beginning of the year everyone said, “2020 will be my year! Especially after 2019!” Well, I think 2020 heard us and is just giving us a challenge.

There is good news in this challenge: we are resilient and we will rise. Even our weddings.

I took the time after a couple of our brides contacted me concerned they would have to cancel their wedding. Of course, this is a real concern. There are people that can honestly get hurt by this life-threatening illness of Covid-19. Though, knowing the truth of the dangers of this pandemic does not make it any easier to handle the stress of it. I am here to give my insight of this uncertain time in our life!

IGTV: Should I Cancel My Wedding Because of Covid-19?

Cancel or Postpone wedding because of covid-19 coronavirus

Cancel or Postpone Wedding Because of Covid-19 Coronavirus

Above you can see a link to an IGTV episode I made just for you, the bride dealing with the stress of having to consider canceling her wedding. In the video I cover a few things to consider.

  • Take a different stance on that question. Instead of thinking “cancel,” let us try “postpone.”

Should I postpone my entire wedding day? What will that look like? Depending on your wedding professionals this can look a few different ways. First, start by reaching out to your vendors for their insight on if your wedding day is at risk in the first place. If your day is in the late summer or early Fall, you may be fine to hold your original date! Speak with them about their thoughts on whether you are at high risk or not. If so, consider their ideas on moving your date to a later one. It may be possible all your treasured vendor-friends can be moved to a more fitting date. If not and the risk is too high to hold onto them all, choose your most desired and trusted vendors and check their availability. They will take great care of you and refer you to other vendors that may be free on your new date. Check with your original dream team, then their contracts, and go from there.

  • Consider an elopement style over changing your whole wedding plans.

What if I kept my wedding day and moved my reception only to a later date? If this could work for you – I love it! Close your eyes, (figuratively of course, you have to read with those eyes) and imagine you at your alter or arch of flowers and look out over the white chairs to see your absolute closest family members. You see your mother and father there, your fiance’s too. You see Mom’s soft tear fall from her eye as you are holding the hands of your almost-husband. With your photographer at the perfect distance alongside your videographer, the lovely smelling florals in your hands, you look to your husbands smile when the officiant says, “you may kiss the bride!” Later this year you have a renewal of vows in front of all your friends and family and throw the biggest tent garden party you could’ve imagined.

I go into depth on this idea in the video for you, and adore the sweet idea of an intimate ceremony that insists on the safety of your loved ones. This is a great alternative to having to hold off on your marriage. After all, that is what your wedding is really for!

All in all, we have to consider what is safest for us and our loved ones. Is it worth the risk of putting them in danger? Is it worth putting your vendors in danger? Considering what our local government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states about the Coronavirus, we must chose. While these are such odd times my friend, we are all in this together and we will get through it as community as well!

If this article helped you or you find you have more questions you’d like a wedding professional to help answer, feel free to reach out to me! I have no medical training, but when it comes to your wedding day I’d love to help!

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