How To Make the Most out of Getting Ready with your Bridesmaids

I absolutely love the morning of a wedding day. While Isaac spends his time with the groom and his men, I get to spend time with the ladies. In most every bridal getting-ready room I enter I smell the new perfume the bride bought just for the day. It’s bright from a few makeup lights and there are plenty of girls in the space all talking and having a good time. This is such a special time for my brides! This is the last time the bride will be with her maids as a single woman. Whether it be with a large wedding party or just with the Mom in the getting-ready moments – it’s always a cherished, special time. Here are my tips on making the most out of this time together to ensure a really great time (aside from all the great photos you’ll be getting here!)

1. Start the day with champagne

After you’ve done your makeup and while you’re getting pampered by your hair stylist, I recommend a glass of champagne. What else says celebration quite as well as a bottle of Moët? Starting with a little bit of bubbly will put you at ease and add to the hint of something special in the air.

2. Put on a fun playlist

This could be something that really bonds you and your girls! Take the time to create a playlist with your best friends. It is so fun looking out for a good song together from the time you get engaged to the wedding day itself. A good song can encourage dancing and singing, or even set the mood to be a bit more emotional and reminiscent. Whatever aura you are wanting to set your getting-ready to, an idyllic playlist is the way to go.

3. Get glam

Yep, I said it. GLAM. This is YOUR day! While everyone remembers to pick out their favorite wedding dress, this is the perfect time to go all out on your getting-ready outfit, too. If you’re wanting to step up the casual getting-ready, go glamorous. Wearing a gorgeous silk, floor length robe, a two piece pajama set, or a nice romper can be the perfect outfit to get ready in. When you are in something that makes you feel just as confident and as beautiful as you really are, you’ll see that in photos and feel it in the room. Also too, this gives you a chance to add your personality into your photographs! Consider matching with your maids or stand out, think of what you’ll wear from head to toe. If you’re inside and it’s a bit cold, some cute slippers can add to the fashion. 

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4. Have your bridesmaids come with a few stories

Every bridesmaid has a few special memories with her bride. Ask your maids to come with those stories ready to share with the rest of your group! Hearing funny and endearing stories of times gone by will make the morning of your wedding feel even more special. Another fun and sweet way of hearing stories is by having a “Letters to the Bride” book. Hint to your maid of honor by sending this post to her! These books are full of prompts to spark memories of great stories and it gives encouragement to the bride from her loved ones. A book like this, full of love that took time to fill by many hands, would be a treasured heirloom. You can grab one at this link on Amazon!

5. Schedule intentional time with your loved ones

Growing up, my Mamaw was always held dear in my life. She was there for me in all the momentous events in my life, met every boyfriend, gave every advice when question was posed. I will always cherish the time I had with her on my wedding day! We were both in brand new dresses, hair done and hearts full of love. Having photos of this – well, there’s just nothing that replaces it. Take time before your wedding day to consider the incredible things that will happen before the time of your ceremony, and schedule time for them to be relished in. If you and your dad have a special bond and seeing him in all your bridal glory would be significant – schedule a time just for the two of you to share.

I hope this was a fun and useful list of things you’ll consider to make your getting-ready time even more enjoyable. The wedding day is so special, cherish every moment starting with the morning with your bridesmaids!

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