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Love Notes

"Every step of the way, I have said out loud to Jordan that I am so happy that we booked with you."

Haley & Jordan

Love Notes

"we've never had any professional photos taken of the two of us and these are so special... We are truly going to cherish these for the rest of our life. I cannot thank you enough for this ."

Jessica & sean

Love Notes

Laura & Austin

"looking at our photos, i'm speechless. seriously perfect in every way...cant even pick a favorite!"

          was so impassioned by Mamaw's photos from her past. Some of my fondest memories are from childhood, sitting at my grandmothers old table that hosted the very people in her photographs. We would sit there alone drinking coffee, the only coffee without creamer I will really ever drink, and laughing in each other's company. Time seemed to slow there, and it was always utterly peaceful to me.
        eeing the few photos Mamaw had sparked the memories she made in them and allowed her to pass on those stories to me. The photos told of who she was, where she came from, who she loved...and how that love grew through time straight to me. I came to know people I had never met, places that don't exist anymore, and most importantly, some of my mamaw's life that I didn't get to experience. I tear up thinking of those precious times with her because of just how important they continue to be to me. 
        rom this, inspiration grew into who I am and what I do today. Creating memories intertwined with love to be remembered in the years to come with those you love the most. At the end of the day you're left with those beside you and the photos to remind you of those wonderful times together.

my philosophy

a photo of Mamaw with her mom and older sister, feeding the chickens. 1928.




 I'll grab the coffee, let's meet at the table.

inquire about wedding collections

       our experience begins before your wedding day. Through the engagement shoot you will come to find I work my hardest to deliver beautiful images, make you look and feel your best, and just have a wonderful time together, celebrating your love. It is my utmost intention to build a relationship with my couples, establishing trust extending beyond the deliverance of their images - because I believe in the memories behind those precious photographs.
           'll definitely offer you both a coffee, because it is,  after all, what makes the world go round (that and Jesus!). When you leave I'll say a soft prayer for your love and life together and hope to extend that grace to the images themselves. It is one of my greatest joys to work for other's on their special day. So, say hello and let's grab a cup of joe at the nearest hole-in-the-wall shop to start preparing for the rest of your life!

the wedding experience

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Step One

Let's get to know each other

From the moment you inquire I want deliver an experience that is authentically yours. I believe by coming to know you and your love I can do just that. After booking your wedding with KRP, I will send you a fun questionnaire that will help me learn more about you both and your vision for the big day. By steady communication through the wedding planning process, I hope to make you feel truly at ease.

Step two

The Engagement Session

In your wedding photography experience, the Engagement Session is the best time to get to know one another and to truly celebrate this wonderful time of being engaged. In all of the three wedding photography collections offered is included an Engagement Session just for that reason. We will spend an hour or more taking photos and capturing your relationship in bright, timeless, and airy images. Before your session I will send you helpful tips to get the most out of your Engagement Session.

It is finally here! You will marry your best friend. All the hard work is done and you can relax and make memories with your family and loved ones, trusting KRP to capture every precious details found in this amazing day. We will start the day photographing the elegant details of your gown, rings, florals, invitation suite, and personal heirlooms among other things, and lead into the natural flow of the getting ready moments, first look and so on. We work hard to photograph what truly tells the whole story of your wedding so you can remember it forever.

Step Three

Designing the Timeline

About two months before your wedding date, we will design your wedding day timeline. Creating the timeline is a critical part of your wedding planning process. We will come together to create a plan to utilize every photographing hour intentionally. Having an effective timeline will take away any hectic or stressful moments, allowing you to feel at peace and know all is taken care of. Having this tool on hand will ensure the important moments, along with those sweet in betweens, are caught on camera.

Step Four

The Wedding Day

Step Five

Delivery of Images

Soon after your wedding day you will find your sneak peek featured on the KRP journal, where a piece of your story is written in words and the essence of it communicated in photos. All of your photos will then be delivered in a beautiful and protected gallery quickly after. We recommend grabbing a bottle of Moet or sweet wine and relive your wedding day together, snuggled up on the couch. If you decided to add an album or other A La Carte item, they too will be sent for your enjoyment and legacy remembrance. If booked, I most look forward to your Anniversary Session after the wedding day and delivery of your photos to see how your love has grown over the year.

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